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A comprehensive set of Data Management and GIS Mapping tools
complete with integrated data

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Have your data at your fingertips.


INTELLEX® for IPAD lets you consult your Lease, Well, and Scout data during meetings or at lease sales in seconds.

Generate reports fast.


INTELLEX® REPORT lets you get the information you want in the report format you need in just a few clicks.

Enhance your ArcMap® capabilities with INTELLEX® Extensions.


Why spend precious time on finding and tying associated data to your project when we've already done the work for you?

Think beyond the desktop.


INTELLEX® TOUCH lets you take your data into the boardroom on your large touch screen monitor and personal touch device. Presentations just got a lot better.

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See how The INTELLEX® Exploration System can save you time and money while assuring you have exploration data you can trust.

The INTELLEX® Exploration System


INTELLEX® PC allows you to handle the complex integration of multiple data types and sources with ease to help you use data to its full potential.

INTELLEX® PC comes with the Energy Graphics proprietary onshore and offshore U.S. data, giving you the big picture with access to all the details. This powerful software tool puts the user in control, whether you want to quickly retrieve and display information or take full control to customize every aspect of data display and output.

  • INTELLEX® Extension for ArcMap® gives you ArcGIS® Inspection & Reports
  • Dynamic Custom Map Displays offer instant updates to data displays
  • Multicolor Lease Map Displays provide an excellent tool for visual data inspection
  • Data Editors make your managing proprietary data fast and easy
  • Report types include column, formatted, and even scout reports
  • Export and import shape files and export data to Excel spreadsheets
  • Map displays can be printed as desktop output or full size map output

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INTELLEX® DATAINTELLEX® REPORT was created for oil and gas exploration professionals who require software that can quickly generate reports on Gulf of Mexico data. Landmen, Scouts, Geologists, Geophysicists, and Engineers will find INTELLEX® REPORT to be a flexible, responsive reporting tool, as well as an excellent information source.

  • User-friendly Profiles-based Quick Selection Screen
  • HTML Summary Reports with data links
  • 2D and 3D Block Display
  • Graphics with Data Layer Control
  • Reports using Multiple Well Data Sets
  • Multi-Color Lease Maps

EG DATA - We are your source for accurate data that gives you the edge.

Most of our data products are included in the INTELLEX® DATA suite of databases that are an integral part of our INTELLEX® software products.

Energy Graphics Data is not just another copy of the same data everyone else offers. Since 1979 we have had a reputation for being the best source for custom edited and verified exploration data that gives you quality that is unmatched in the industry.

We also offer our databases separately to industry customers who wish to purchase data for use in third party software applications. Data is the foundation on which every project is built. And in a world where accuracy has become more important than ever, no one should settle for mediocrity when it comes to data.

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INTELLEX® PC, INTELLEX® Report, and INTELLEX® GIS each include an extensive built-in Help utility. The Support section of the Energy Graphics website provides additional services and information for clients. Software clients are also entitled to free downloads of Energy Graphics Gulf of Mexico lease sale results map CGM files.

Experience Means Quality

INTELLEX® has been developed over more than 30 years of experience in solving exploration data management, mapping and reporting challenges. Our Data is custom verified and managed on a daily basis to assure accuracy. This combination provides our clients with the cutting edge tools and reliable information they need to meet today's exploration demands. That gives you more time to explore with confidence.

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