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A Foundation in Oil and Gas Data Mapping

INTELLEX® EXPLORATION SYSTEMEnergy Graphics, Inc. is a privately owned company which was founded in Houston, Texas, in 1979, out of an industry need for better exploration data mapping and management. Since that time, Energy Graphics has been developing energy software products for editing, mapping, and reporting digital oil and gas exploration data, such as wells, leases, pipelines, and related data. Our products have grown from a foundation of providing outsourcing data services to clients for their own proprietary data with a focus on the Gulf of Mexico into a combination of Data Products, Data Management Services, and a suite of proprietary Software Products for comprehensive data and data management - The INTELLEX® Exploration System.

Established Excellence

Our reputation for data excellence is a testiment to our belief that inaccurate energy exploration data is more harmful than no data at all. That's why we maintain a Data Department of expert data managers who are committed to providing our clients with well and lease data that has been researched and verified for accuracy.

Our extensive client list includes a majority of industry Majors and Independents who have used Energy Graphics software, exploration data, and outsource services for over three decades. We continue to add new oil and gas data and software products to keep you at the forefront of innovation in the ever changing world of technology.

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