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EG Gulf of Mexico Directional Survey Data

Directional Survey Database

The Energy Graphics Directional Survey database is not just another copy of the Public Data you'll find offered by other data vendors. Energy Graphics, Inc. is the source for the Energy Information, Inc. proprietary Gulf of Mexico Directional Survey Database. This database has been painstakingly compiled over 20-plus years of cross-checking and verification to produce the most accurate and complete data possible for our clients and for use in our own custom services. It's the only database you'll need for your project development.

With over 54,000 current wells and new wells added continuously, this database virtually covers the entire gulf. The file is complete with the raw data, true north and/or grid north information.
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Data Orders

Gulf of Mexico Directional Surveys and Well Location data, along with some associated culture data may be ordered based on a Gulf of Mexico concession name and lease block number to find the directional surveys you need.

Open INTELLEX® WEBWhy pay for Premium Directional Survey Data? These are just a small sampling of the corrections we've made to public data to be sure you have the right information to work with on your important projects.


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