Outsource Your Map and Data Needs With Us.

Expert Mapping & Data Management Services
for Busy Exploration Departments.

Let us help you meet your company's mapping and data management needs using our data resources or your own.

Energy Graphics Production Services are like having your own in-house software system without having to purchase hardware or re-train personnel. The Custom Services Department uses INTELLEX software to create maps and maintain databases for clients who wish to outsource their mapping and data management needs. Our 33+ years of experience in dealing with oil and gas exploration data assure you that nowhere will you find better quality maps, data, or service.


Let Energy Graphics create superior quality maps built to your specifications and including your company logo on a custom final border. We provide fast turnaround for custom base maps, prospects maps, and color lease maps containing all the data layers you want to see in your area of interest.

Sample Maps Available:

  • Color Lease Maps
  • Prospect Maps
  • Base Maps
  • Post-Sale Maps
  • Presale Planning Maps
  • Custom Seismic Coverage Maps
  • Weekly Scout Check Maps
    (OOSA members only)
  • Gulf of Mexico Pipeline Maps
  • Gulf of Mexico Drilling Activity Maps

Data Management Functions include:

  • Custom management of your company's seismic data, including storage,
    retrieval, editing, reporting, and custom posting.
  • Management of your proprietary well data, such as location, drilling history, directionals and tops information.
  • Generation of properly formatted input files of support data for your interpretation workstation.
  • Line intersection reports and mileage reports for shotpoint location data.
  • Custom posting, such as varying posting parameters for different contractor vintages, varying shotpoint symbols, and any combination of annotation frequencies to insure that the shotpoint location map
    annotation matches the annotation of the seismic section.