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EG Scout Data Group

What is it?

Through an agreement with the Offshore Oil Scouts Association (OOSA) Energy Graphics, Inc. can provide detailed drilling and well history/completion information through INTELLEX Report. Users must be properly licensed by OOSA to receive this data and must also be members of the EG Oil Scout Group before accessing the detailed Scout Ticket data.


The INTELLEX Advantage

The Scout Ticket report format in INTELLEX Report was designed to emulate the format most oil scouts are accustomed to using. In addition to the Scout Ticket, EG Scout Group members can access their data to create a multitude of formatted and custom reports.

  • Scout Tickets
  • Drilling Reports
  • Weekly Summary Reports
  • Weekly Scout Editor Reports
  • Weekly Scout Check Reports
  • Weekly Detail Reports
  • Custom List Reports with tabs to associated GOM data


  • Access Data from Multiple Sources

  • View your Scout data along with bid, lease, pipeline, well, directional survey and culture data from the extensive INTELLEX databases at the same time.

  • Client-Owned Data- Your company’s own proprietary and third-party data, including logs, wells, directional surveys, and drilling histories, can be loaded and accessed with INTELLEX Report.

  • Weekly Scout Check-Created with the oil scout in mind, this feature generates reports on proprietary drilling history data. Allows users to retrieve all data records, create a custom query, and enter their own comments.

  • Weekly Scout Editor allows custom retrievals.


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