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Order the current pre-sale map, post-sale map, or subscribe ahead so your maps will arrive on time for each GOM lease sale.

Gulf of Mexico Lease Sales

We've got you covered three ways!

Planning to participate in the next Gulf of Mexico lease sale? We've got you covered, whether your needs include planning and post-sale maps, data or software.

  • Order Color Pre-sale and Post-Sale Maps ahead of time to be fully prepared.
  • If you're an INTELLEX® user, you'll have access to the INTELLEX Presale data CGM file for creating your own custom color lease maps for your areas of interest.
  • And, NEW in 2015, take your sale data with you on your iPad! Call us today at 281-558-2061 to find out how.

Pre-Sale Maps

Energy Graphics, Inc. Pre-Sale Maps include lease information on all leases that will be included in the next Gulf of Mexico lease sale. If your company plans to participate in a sale, these make excellent planning maps.

  • Size is approximately 40" x 60".
  • Lease blocks are color-highlighted by Lease Status and Expiration Date.
  • Maps are generally available 4 to 5 months prior to a sale.
  • Cost: US $100, plus applicable tax and shipping charges. (a $500+ value)
Post-Sale Maps

Energy Graphics Post-Sale Maps are available one day following the sale. They are similar to Pre-Sale Maps, but include sale results as follows:

  • Never Been Leased
  • Sale Results
  • Held By Production/Unit
  • Deferred Leases
  • Inactive Leases
  • Active Leases - 2020 Expiration
  • Active Leases - 2021 Expiration
  • Active Leases - 2022 Expiration
  • Other Active Leases
  • 5/8/10 Year Lease & Royalty Relief Lines